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The new Kaufland Connect app – everything at a glance!

The Kaufland Connect app is now available only for you as a Kaufland team member. It provides you with a wide range of employee benefits, like contests and information on discounts. It also helps you stay up to date and gives you a way to chat with your colleagues.

About the Kaufland Connect app

What is the Kaufland Connect app?   

All you need to use the app are your personal access details. We will explain step by step how you can use them to log in.

Please note that you can only use Kaufland Connect if you have set up an access lock feature on your smartphone (such as a code, fingerprint, face ID).

The Kaufland Connect app is your free access to exclusive Kaufland information. Using the app is voluntary, and time spent using the app is not considered work time.

Registration without a Kaufland email address

Join in – here’s how easy it is

If you have a personalized Kaufland e-mail address, access the instructions here. If you do not have one, then follow these steps..

How to create your own password:

  1. Contact your in-house/shift/team leader to open the password portal. Important note: Make sure you bring along the letter with your personal access details.
  2. There, click “Activate account.”
  3. Enter your personal access details from your letter.
  4. Enter three security questions with answers. Make sure you remember the answers! You can use them to reset your password if you forget it.
  5. Select your own password. You will then be asked for a help desk PIN, which you can choose yourself.

    It is a good idea to write down your help desk PIN. You can use it to request a new security code from the IT hotline or on-site IT, if you forget your password and are not able to remember your security questions.
    Your password will be ready for use to log into the Kaufland Connect app after 30 minutes at most.

Now, you can easily take your Kaufland Connect app home with you:

  1. Load the Kaufland Connect app on your smartphone – it is easy to do using the following QR codes or in your app store:

    2. Open the app, click “Log in with Kaufland account” and click “Accept.”

    3. Enter your user name and the password you selected.

    4. Click “Log in” – and you’re done.


Having problems logging in? Contact your IT hotline / on site IT:

Sales: 0 71 32 / 94 40 40-1-1
Logistics: 0 71 32 / 94 12 22
Meat processing: 0 71 32 / 94 12 22

Registration with Kaufland email address

Personalized Kaufland e-mail address and your own password?

If you have a personalized Kaufland e-mail address and your own password, you can log into the app as follows:

  1. Download the Kaufland Connect app to your private or company smartphone from Google Play, the App Store, or the HUAWEI AppGallery.

Also download the app “NetIQ Advanced Authentication” from your app store Google Play Store or Apple Store.

    2. Open the website using a company device.

  • There, enter your company e-mail address and then your password.
  • Under “Add Authenticator,” click “NetIQ AuthApp” and save the name of your smartphone.
  • A window will open with a QR code. Leave the page open, since you will need it soon.

    3. Open the NetIQ Advanced Authentication app, accept the terms of use, and select a PIN.

  • Press the plus sign at the top right and approve access to your camera.
  • Scan in the QR code from the MFA portal.
  • Leave the app open in the background.
  • You will see a confirmation at the top right of the display indicating that your registration in NetIQ was successful.

    4. Open the Kaufland Connect app.

    5. Click “Log in with Kaufland account” and then “Register,” then enter your company e-mail address and password.

    6. Click the NetIQ button and accept. You will receive a brief confirmation and can use Kaufland Connect


Once you have logged into the mobile app on your private or company phone, you will remain logged in automatically if you use the app regularly. If you do not log into the app for 30 days, you will be logged off automatically.